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Littlegreen Academy


A balanced computing curriculum at Littlegreen Academy enables the pupils to develop their understanding and use of technology through practical and exploratory opportunities; using deliberate practice to develop their understanding. As they move through academy, they will develop an understanding of how technology and digital systems work. Pupils develop their digital literacy, showing that they know how to use technology respectfully and safely. They engage and develop a deep understanding of computer science, knowing how to develop and create their programs for a range of purposes. The computing curriculum aims to develop children as computational thinkers to enable them to solve problems across the whole curriculum and life in general. 

As the pupils move through the academy, they will be immersed in their learning where they will be able to appreciate the role that computing plays in day to day life as well as in the plethora of careers in which we hope they will embark upon in the future as well as living our academy value of communicating well. 

 Our main aims are:

  • Develop pupils’ understanding and apply fundamental principles and concepts to computer science. 
  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to analyse computational terms  
  • Ensure all pupils are responsible, competent, confident, and creative users of information and communication technology. 
  • Provide children with cross-curricular opportunities whilst using digital platforms 

The pedagogy of Computing at Littlegreen follows a progressive, year on year scheme where all pupils follow the same topic at the same time. For instance, during the first spring term, all pupils will be exposed to the ‘Creating Media’ topic. Our youngest pupils will be learning and exploring through basic desktop media instructions, whilst our eldest pupils will be working with more advanced software and creating their very own 3D media animations.  

All pupils have access to Computing in their timetable once a week, in the lower school they participate in additional computing PHSE as part of their online safety curriculum, however they are not limited to just this time frame. Throughout the week, the pupils are able to explore computing more through exploratory-play and more directed play on suggested software.  

Pupils will be asked to re-submit their ‘Computing Confidence Questionnaire’ in the middle of the Spring term and again at the end. This will be one measure of determining pupil progress. Each week, pupils are required to save their work which can then be assessed by subject teachers and subject leaders to ensure that adequate progress is being made across all key stages. Work will also be printed off and form part of a pupil portfolio which will stay with them throughout their journey at Littlegreen. 

Our Computing aspect of the curriculum allows our pupils to flourish by way of independence and to seek opportunities for the future away from the typical classroom environment. Pupils are taught from a young age how to be safe and respectful when using online devices and how they must communicate when doing so. Computing opens up an array of opportunities for our pupils, some of whom may not have been able to find such opportunities from a textbook or face to face scenarios. It is the aspiration that all pupils grow and leave Littlegreen having inherited the academy values, and in this technological world, Computing can help them to discover their voice.