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Littlegreen Academy

Penal Reform Solutions


Funded by Safer in Sussex Community Fund.

PRS’s work is informed by research carried out in the Norwegian prison system, and it uses this knowledge to support organisations to promote humanity, relationships and hope, in order to reduce social harm and promote social good, for all. 

The Grow2Go groupwork programme was developed by PRS as a crime prevention, early intervention measure. 

The programme is psychodynamic in nature, designed with a strengths-based approach that looks to empower pupils to reach their own conclusions and develop their skill set, while supported within a safe environment. The programme was designed to equip and enable young people most at risk of entering the criminal justice system, with key skills to overcome difficulties, grow and flourish.

In the first instance, two assemblies we delivered by two PRS staff members with lived experience to share their experiences and learnings, around prison and the criminal justice system to pupils at Littlegreen Academy. A pre-group 1:1 session was offered to pupils allocated to the programme in order to build rapport, explore the pupils’ needs and expectations and provide opportunity for pupils to feel safe with facilitators.

The Grow2Go programme consists of twelve 1.5 hour-long groupwork sessions, delivered weekly by two facilitators to up to 8 pupils aged between 14 and 16 years.