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Littlegreen Academy


Key Stage 2

In Key Stage Two Enterprise skills such as teamwork, design, collaborative planning, money sense, estimating and constructing are taught through various subjects including Maths, PSHE. Art and Design and Computing.

Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4

As the pupils move in to KS3 and then in to KS4 they are introduced to Enterprise as a stand alone subject.  They are encouraged to work collaboratively to produce design ideas and produce a series of plans specific to a project.  Trips out to shops and specific use of the internet is used to understand how to source the most suitable products.  Pupils are encouraged to use a range of cross curricular skills to produce a wider range of products and projects.

Pupils are encouraged to understand terms such as income, expenditure, profit, and loss.  They are then able to include these into their plans for the development of a product.