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Littlegreen Academy


Geography and history are alternated with one each per half term. Where possible humanities learning fits with termly topics enabled the subject to be taught beyond the designated sessions. 

Lessons are personalised, often take place outside, sometimes off-site and where possible are hands-on. 


The core skills are broken down and chosen with our pupil’s requirements and ambitions taken into account. 

Pupils will collaboratively problem solve, sharing their skills and gaining experience as working as part of a team. Pupils will develop the notion that some things take place over the course of weeks or months and that patience can help achieve a greater end goal. 

Pupils will study (and hopefully visit) a range of places that are familiar and unfamiliar, broadening their cultural awareness. They will find out more about these places – their past, present and future geographies and history. 

Pupils will learn about the relevant current affairs, gaining a wider understanding of local, national and international events and movements. Pupils will develop their understanding of the part they can play in society and how current affairs affect them. 


Pupils will have a deeper understanding of the world around them, a clearer understanding of cause and consequence and an appreciation of the beautiful environment in which they learn. 

Pupils will develop their ability to undertake independent research, develop their English skills, improve their ability to critically analyse and think for themselves whilst tolerating the views of others.