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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a particularly impactful intervention for children and young people who require support with their social, emotional and mental health needs.  Music therapists use a range of activities such as playing instruments, listening to music together, drumming and writing songs. Sessions are person-led, meaning therapists use their musical tool kit to support the people they work with in the most appropriate way for them.  Where words fail music speaks.


Making music with a trained therapist:

- facilitates acceptance of the person as they are on any given day

- provides a safe environment for participants to be creative and expressive

- supports the development of trusting relationships

- supports children and young people's capacity to regulate their nervous systems through musical co-regulation (where their nervous system is connected to that of the therapist through rhythmic and harmonic musical play)


Music therapy is a clinically recognised psychological intervention and music therapists are Allied Health Professionals who you will find in a wide variety of settings from schools and hospitals to neo-natal units and care homes.  

Anna Macken is a Waves Music Therapist (www.wavesmusictherapy.com) who visits school weekly. She is a member of the British Association for Music Therapy and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Anna is passionate about supporting LGA pupils to express themselves and explore their emotions in a safe way. Anna believes that all children & young people should have the opportunity to raise their voice, to feel heard and to celebrate their creativity and ability through music making. 



If you would like any further information, please contact the school on admin@littlegreenacademy.info