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Littlegreen Academy

Lower School Summer Term Stunning Start

To kick off our new topic 'Going for Gold' we looked at how we learn best and what will help us be successful. We all have brilliant brains and we all have brains that work differently. There are eight different ways to learn or 'smarts' and all the pupils took part in activities to find out what 'smart' they are. 

Picture Smart - pupils had two draw as many items as they could remember in a memory test.

Nature Smart - matching habitats to the animals.

Music Smart - pupils were tested to see if they could finish the lyrics of a song.

Number Smart - pupils had to sequence with dice.

Word Smart - pupils played ‘Think Words’ game to test their vocabulary.

Self Smart - pupils talked about themselves and what they are good at.

Body Smart - we tested reaction time with a ruler.

People Smart - we tested how good they were at drawing blindfolded.

For the second part of the 'Going for Gold' stunning start, we spent the day at Chichester University for an inclusive sports day in their massive sports dome. Lower school pupils got to play wheelchair basketball, practice their throwing skills while aiming for different targets and played adaptive cricket that had all the batsmen running around the boundaries each time ball was hit.