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Littlegreen Academy

Our first RE Focus day of the school year

Our first RE Focus Day of the school year was looking at the Golden Rule - why it matters to treat others as you want to be treated.  

The aim of the day was to enable our pupils to learn more in-depth about values, to explore and test ideas about values for themselves, think about examples of values in action and the values held by others in our community.

Pupils learnt how parables are stories that have meanings and were used by Jesus in the New Testament.  Pupils read, listened to, or watched The Good Samaritan and discussed how this links to the Golden Rule.

To help pupils apply the Golden Rule, we ask them what they think about what would change if everyone followed the rule in their class, their street, town, the while world?

Pupil used this day to think about what they could do to follow the golden rule;

Greet people with a smile.

Give a compliment to someone each day.

Say thank you.

Please continue this at home and share your ideas about the small actions, that if we all did would make a BIG difference.

RE Day Autumn 2021