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Littlegreen Academy

Primary Stunning Start for the Spring Term 2022

All About Me topic

We launched the topic with learning about our brilliant brain.  We investigated how quick the messages can get to our brain and what happens to this reaction time if we take away our senses such as sight and hearing.

We used the ruler drop to test this. First the pupils did it being able to see the ruler and hear the word drop, then we did it blindfolded and just the use of the word drop.  Finally, we did it blinded folded and no word, just a tap on the shoulder when the ruler was dropped.

We then went onto looking at how our memory works.  We went into the memory room, and we had 2 minutes to remember 15 objects - we got 8.  Then we practiced some different techniques to train our brain and help us to remember more.  We used a story telling technique and were able to remember all 15 items!

Primary Stunning Start 2022