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Littlegreen Academy

PE & Sport

Physical education, sport and regular physical activity is part of a deep, rich, broad and exciting curriculum at Littlegreen. It provides pupils with the opportunity to express themselves physically, challenge themselves and others, experience different environments and activities, work together and release energy which helps regulate and lower anxiety levels.

Pupils will experience a variety of sports and activities as they journey through Littlegreen. They will use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games.  Littlegreens extensive outdoor space enables pupils to thrive through outdoor and adventurous activities. This area of physical education presents both intellectual and physical challenges for pupils.  They will be encouraged to work in a team, build on trust and develop skills to solve problems. Throughout the PE curriculum pupils will be encouraged to analyse their performance to help improve their personal best. Promotion to take part in competitive sports and activities outside school through community links or sports clubs

Our main aims:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of activities
  • Expand social skills and the ability to interact positively with their peers and adults
  • Improve pupils health and well-being
  • Enhance their skills for independence and values for life, such as leadership
  • Ensure pupils lead healthy and active lives, continuing into their future

By creating a positive environment and by putting PE, sport and regular physical activity at the heart of Littlegreen, we are supporting and helping to improve the health and well-being of our pupils not only now but into the future.


Physical Education at Littlegreen follows a progressive year on year scheme, where all students will focus on the same area of activity but the sport/activity being played is used as the vehicle to achieve the key stage objectives.

Pupils at Key stage 3 have a double timetabled lesson of Physical Education in a week.

Pupils at Key stage 4 have 1 timetabled lesson in a week.

There are opportunities for students to increase the amount of physical education they have in a week through breaktime, lunches and Friday options.


In key stage 3 pupils will build on and embed the physical development and skills learnt in key stage 2. They will become more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities. Pupils will understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. They will be developing confidence and interest to get involved in exercise, sports and activities out of school and in later life. Pupils will benefit from and understand the long-term health benefits of physical activity.

In key stage 4 pupils will be tackling complex and more demanding physical activities. They will be encouraged to get involved in a range of activities that develop personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.


A high level physical education curriculum inspires our pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to play and compete in sport builds character and helps to embed values such as fairness and respect. It is the aspiration that all pupils leave Littlegreen Academy wanting to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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